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Amarin in the UK

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Amarin UK website

Amarin is committed to making a life-changing impact on patients’ lives by advancing pathways for cardiovascular care in the UK.

We are passionate about advancing cardiovascular disease (CVD) advancing the management in cardiovascular disease through research and innovation.

CVD is a serious and growing health problem in Europe. That’s why we seek to improve people’s lives who are at risk of strokes, heart attacks and other serious CVD events. We believe that now is the time for a systemic change in how the disease is treated. Our intention is to be part of the solution in tackling this increasing health issue.

We are conscious there are countless patients now and, in the future, relying on the medical profession and the researchers to get this right. Everyday patients and their families are worried about the impact CVD might have and is having on their lives and those they care about.

Through hard work and determination, we believe it is possible to eliminate avoidable CVD deaths. We aspire to become a leading pharmaceutical company in CVD, driving innovation in patient care and cardiometabolic diseases.

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We are honest; We treat everyone with respect; We are accountable for our actions

Operational Excellence

We value efficient and effective execution across all levels of the organisation with a focus on delivering value to our customers; We strive to be proactive and responsive. 


We work together and support each other’s efforts with the purpose to create value; We are empowered and resourceful and are encouraged to share ideas and learn from one another.

Commitment to quality

We seek to improve patient care through our actions and products; We insist on a culture of quality and continuous improvement; We continuously work at identifying strengths/weaknesses and act swiftly to align with corporate/strategic goals.

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Searching for your next big career move? At Amarin our people are our greatest asset, together we can achieve great things and improve patients’ lives in the UK and across Europe.


Founded in the UK back in 1989, Amarin has strong European roots and an innovative company history spanning over 30 years.

We have grown from humble beginnings into a leading global company in the field of cardiovascular care. We now employ over 1,000 staff, with international offices in Bridgewater (New Jersey), Dublin (Ireland) and Zug (Switzerland). 

The next chapter in our history will be working to help reduce the cardiovascular disease burden in the United Kingdom.

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Diversity and Inclusion

It is important our workforce is representative of all sections of society. Learn more about Amarin’s commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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Working with Our Partners

We are committed to greater transparency by disclosing our financial relationships with our partners in the healthcare community. This openness protects public confidence that such relationships do not influence clinical decisions.

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Access our newsroom to follow what we’re doing, view our current and archived press releases or get our media contact details.

CVD - Cardiovascular disease

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